About Dr Natalie


Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Reverse fatty liver disease

Improve fertility in PCOS

Manage hypertension and high cholesterol

Manage Obesity

Improve mood and general wellbeing

Reduce risk of future chronic disease

Dr Natalie Mulcahy is a GP based on the Gold Coast who is passionate about improving the lives of her patients through diet and lifestyle measures. Chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Fatty Liver Disease, Obesity and PCOS have become a major and growing problem in Western society. More and more medications are developed but this does not seem to be helping.

Dr Natalie recognises that this is a complex and multifactorial problem, the old adage of ‘eat less, move more’ simply does not work.

Dr Natalie is part of a growing community of health professionals excited about the success of treating these patients with a low carb or nutritional ketogenic diet. Not only is it possible in many cases to put type 2 diabetes and fatty liver into remission, patients also enjoy improved mood, better sleep and increased energy. They simply feel better!

The human body is designed to eat whole, unprocessed foods found in the natural world, this is the fuel that our bodies respond to best. Current dietary guidelines are out of step with this.

The Gold Coast Low Carb Clinic in Bundall is dedicated to this approach and offers one on one personalised consults to address your individual goals in relation to your weight and metabolic health.

Tel: 0400034951

Email: drnat@goldcoastlowcarbclinic.com.au

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